Our Refund Policy

We believe that no customer should have to buy our software to find out if it’s compatible with their equipment or suitable for their needs. Therefore, everyone can download Lightkey for free from our website. The software is fully functional without a license, except that output is limited to 24 DMX channels and five smart lights. For a full test with all your fixtures, contact us to get a free trial license.

We strongly encourage customers to evaluate the software before purchasing. We also provide extensive documentation of all its features, and you can reach out for technical support before and after purchasing.

If you’d like a refund

If you made an accidental purchase or are not satisfied with Lightkey, please contact us as quickly as possible. We issue full refunds for no particular reason within seven days of purchase. After that we grant refunds only in justified cases at our discretion. No refunds are possible more than 30 days after purchase.

A prerequisite for a refund is that the license has been deactivated on your computer. To do this:

  • Lightkey 4: Choose Lightkey > Manage License… from the menu bar and then click Deactivate License.
  • Lightkey 3: Choose Lightkey > Deactivate Lightkey… from the menu bar.
When we can’t grant a refund

All our licenses are valid for one year. Please understand that we do not offer prorated refunds during the license term.

We do not collect usage data and therefore have no way of tracking whether a license was actually used. If you purchase a license but don’t use it for any reason, that doesn’t qualify for a later refund.

Our refund policy and the offer of trial licenses are designed to help with accidental purchases, incompatibility, and unsuitability. They are not intended as a way to use our software for free, and we reserve the right to deny a refund or trial license if our policy is abused.